Design concept

Sound Suppressors - DGT Design concept

With the new models of rifle suppressors from Danish GunTech we have tried to simplify thing somewhat for standard riffle suppressors!

Suppressors are delivered in 3 different casings varying i length. Baffles are delivered from cal. 22 to cal. .308. Threads and mounting section are ordered individually... and anything is possible.

The suppressors are front-mounted suppressors, available of an array of different thread sizes - and thread types. For information on thread types and sizes, go to the 'Threading information' page on the 'sound' menu.


To ensure not only an effective product, but also a safe product, we have designed the suppressor casings and baffle system to handle the pressure of the gasses presented at the instant of bullet exit (uncorking pressure) of short barrels rifles.

A shorter barrel have exponentially higher uncorking pressure and adds to the strain on the suppressor. Thus, casings have increased wall thickness in the barrel/mounting end to ensure a higher safety factor - after all, safety comes first.

The casings

2 standard lengths for hunting & sporting.

Extra strength for magnum calibers

... and custum versions for law-enforcement.




- High grade steel, made for harsh use by police and army professionals.

High safety factor - 'virtually unbrakeble'
... will last a lifetime for the average hunter

The mounting:

Thread mounted...

- 'Anything' is possible..

even changing between threads on existing suppressor (Gunsmith work)

Quick mount: 

Quick mount for M16A2 birdcage..
- A true one handed fast mount for professionals.