We are experts in the machining of critical components and advanced serial production with high demands to quality, tolerances and finish, with more than 20 years of machining experience.

Our ability to combine an attractive price with reliability of supply, quality, flexibility and openness to changes makes us a valurable and strong partner to the industry.

We have 2-6 axis CNC machines and 3D CAD/CAM for construction and developement. Besides all our machining solutions we offer full tracable parts with engraving of batch numbers, dates, running numbers etc.

We offer advanced metrology reporting and quality control with measuring results traceable to the international standards, both optical and/or touch probe.

Machining solutions: 

Turning Ø1 – Ø200 * 500mm

Multitask Ø1 – Ø200 * 500mm

Milling 1000*500*500mm



DeMeet 404 (combo, video and touch probe measurements) 

Measuring range X400m, Y400mm, Z200mm 

Measuring table X560mm, Y580mm

Max load 50kg