Noise and environment

The firearms sound suppressor as an issue in the environmental debate.
To traditionalists it may seem curious to discuss the role of the firearms sound suppressor in an environmental context. Historically regarded as solely the tool for dubious causes, the firearms sound suppressor - on both handguns and rifles - is today regarded as a necessary tool to decrease the noise of firearms used by law abiding citizens, police forces and military units. Today it seems obvious that the noise of firearms has to be lowered.

Not completely removed, but lowered enough not to make local environmental disturbances and also to prevent hearing damages. Not completely removed because this is not practically possible using normal standard ammunition and firearms, but also because of the warning notice the sound of a shot gives to bystanders.

There are thoughts in several EU countries regarding firearms sound suppressors that lowers the sound signature to an extend where hearing damage will be much less frequent, but where there is still the sound of a firearm to warn anyone in the near vicinity.