Technical note




As with all sound suppressors, user of DGT Suppressor benefit from tactical advantages:
• Minimized signature: flash, dust, sound
• Masked location of shooter
• Better communication during combat situations
• Eliminate need for ear protection

An unconventional approach, the DGT Suppressor provides functional enhancement over competitors:
• No-welding design provides unparalleled durability
• Complete ongoing refurbishment by end user
• Allows for re-use on a variety of host weapons by easily-changed mounting options

In addition to the functional enhancements over competitors, DGT designs provide economic benefits:
• Lower acquisition cost
• Replacement parts available due to modular design; allows user to replace worn components.
• Maintenance can be performed in the field
• Allows for re-use with a variety of rounds by replacement of the baffle section - can be ordered with custom threading also. Please refer to our page on capabilities for information about custom work. 


We cover all custom needs

The Danish Guntech line of suppressors will cover most end user needs with a variety of casings, mounting
options [quick mounts, thread mounts, barrel-overlapping mount etc.] and different caliber baffles.

Development is an ongoing process at DGT; contact us with your specific requirements.

Technical focal points:
• High safety factor
- Increased casing strength in critical areas to handle uncorking pressure
• Front mounted design platform for higher weight/performance ratio
- Durability issues addressed by mounting and no-weld designs
• Symmetrical baffle design for better grouping and consistent, minimized shift